Who am I ?

When I was growing up since the age of 10 people called me white I told them I am not the same colour of a piece paper

when I was in primary school a girl named sacha called me white my mum came to the school and told the teacher I am not white but when I was 16 people still called me white so I had to explain myself

so first of all:

my dad’s side of the family

33 cousins in London

family in Jamaica

my dad is mixed

my grandad is black sadly died from cancer

but I had great memorise

my mum’s side of the family

my mum is Caucasian

11 cousins in manchester

I have 4 brothers and 2 sister

I am mixed with black and white


Fake Friends

From the age of 14 we were friends now were getting older and more independent you make a plan to meet me but have me waiting for 3 hours what sort of friend does that

she says I feel ill

I say how can you get ill in the space of 3 hour

she says don’t start

I say I think its best were not friends because you’ve put me through all this bullshit and drama I cant take it no more I think I am better off by myself without any friends

she says whatever I don’t care

I say  I cant believe u lied about so many things

she says stop chatting shit you wont say shit to my face

I say come meet me and I will say it all to your face

she says lets fight

I say I don’t fight u might be contagious

she doesn’t reply

that’s the end of 8 year friend ship

you call yourself a friend no your a user

you just want people to come out with you so

you can drag them about like a little doll but no more will that happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relationship Issues

What is love?

Love is when a male and a female have feelings for each other but recently I have been wondering if love is even worth it. When your so called partner doesn’t get in touch with you for days on end is that love?  How do you deal with that? Do you finish with him or Do you tell him we need to talk or Possibly end the relationship. Right now I am angry , upset and annoyed. I think my so called partner is playing mind tricks. Some boys do this to try to get girls to do what they want but no girl should get told what to do by a boy. Some boys will beg and plead for attention and some boys are desperate. I see the tricks these boys play and the mind games , but I will not be manipulated into doing something I don’t want to do. Unfortunately this brings a problem because he wants something that I wont give  so we fall out over this situation. Which is frustrating and upsetting  because I do like him but he doesn’t understand.  WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Why would should a sick person just go to a teens concert and set off a bomb 

Where little kids 11-18  year olds are there 
This situation makes me feel unsafe , scared to go out  , don’t know what to think , what to do ,
Why would someone do that sort of thing 

It it Because of religion or money or oil 

Seriously can’t the world just change and everyone be nice to each other 

I can’t do this no more this world is stressing me out and making me upset 

I have nothing to say but mixed emotions

Sad upset  stressed out shocked worried 

Angry  frustrated


Well it all started when my dad told me about the news and what’s happening it made me wanna watch more of the news and go on YouTube to find out more facts and information

 I’m gonna look for more information to get my facts to a good standard

All thanks to my dad I watch the news most of the time now